Welcome to the VECTOR Application!


The main Vermont Geodetic Web Page is located at https://vtrans.vermont.gov/highway/geodetic. On that site, you will find general information about VECTOR (Raw and Real-time data), links to the Vermont OnLine Geodetic Information System (VOLGIS) and other informational sites.

VECTOR Highlights

  • User accounts
    • All VECTOR users (Web and Real-time) are required to have a User Account. If you had a real-time account previously, that username and password will allow you to login here. If you are establishing a new account, select the Register option on the left of this page.
    • Once a user account is created and approved, the user has access and control of their account information, password management, and statistics of data usage.
  • Field use
    • See Vermont Real-Time for IP, Port, and mountpoint information
    • Full VRS solution available in RTCM3 and CMR+ formats
    • Single-base data streams are provided only in RTCM 3.1 format
    • Network status map available in real-time from the VECTOR web Sensor Map
  • Raw Data
    • See CORS Info for the Data Storage Policy and more detailed information about raw data.
    • Raw data available in several epoch intervals ranging from 1 to 60 seconds using the Reference Data Shop in RINEX 2.10, 2.11, and 3.02 formats, as well as Trimble‚Äôs DAT, TGD, T01, and T02
    • Username and password login is required for access to Reference Data Shop
    • Use the Sensor Map to determine data availability for a station before downloading